Happy 2018!

Happy New Year and wishing all of you a fantastic 2018!

I took a week off to catch up with everything and breathe a little from the holiday craze. Its still an uphill climb to take more pictures but with the winter wonderland that has landed in Montreal of late, I’ll be heading out to get some photography done.

I’m hoping for this year to go back and expand from the photography roots and go back to other creative avenues like fifties or something. We’ll see how inspired it’ll be. I know that I’m not very wordy around here and its all about the photography this past year however, this is my refuge and sometimes I’ve had some judge-y comments (from the Facebook shares) that I’ve not really wanted to deal with anymore last year and hence the fallback to giving this space a quieter presence (quite the opposite from the very wordy main blog Tranquil Dreams). However, you lovely WordPress visitors are absolutely fantastic.

One of my big goals this year is to try and edit a NaNoWriMo draft and if I’m happy with it, I’ll post snippets of it for fun. The thought kind of terrifies me but I think if I’m confident enough to post it, it’ll at least be readable..hopefully.

Thanks again for joining me on this creative journey!

Out of this World Travels: Ember

Did we have fun seeing the world close up of what is usually simply at our feet on Yarny’s World?

Its time to move on with our travels. We are going to the beautifully and literally electrically lit city of Ember. Thats right! We are heading underground.

City of Ember

Ember is a rare sight. We live with electricity every single day but they truly live on it. The Builders, many many years ago, settled them here to save humanity. No sunlight touches them and its been generations that even know about it. However, The Builders didn’t build this underground city to last forever. Electricity and the devices powered by it rarely do even the rechargeable ones. Ember is unfortunately suffering from shortages more and more frequently.

city of ember

It is my duty to warn you of the dangers however, Ember is a visit that is worth your while. It carries its own mysteries and secrets that maybe you will discover. It has history that is well worth a look and among everything, the way of living is organized and different how we live with everyone at a younger age getting their tasks and responsibilities given to them.

city of ember

If you need help relaying a message, the messengers would gladly do the legwork for you literally. The outskirts is darkness so please try to not go there. Also the underground pumps and generators are off limits and can be dangerous as they try to find a solution for the diminishing power source.

Ember is a city worth discovering. Start out from the time square and enjoy yourselves.

I will see you all again next week on our next adventure ūüôā

Out of This World Travels: Yarny’s World

Hi Travellers! Did you have a nice week in Zootopia? I’m sure its great to know that you now have some furry friends.

We’re heading off on a little trip. ¬†I like to call it my version of the “Magic School Bus”. ¬†Oh, is that too aged for you to understand? Its okay, all you need to know is magic. ¬†I’m going to shrink you down so that we can visit Yarny’s World. ¬†Or maybe, we can just call it The World through Yarny’s eyes. And who is Yarny you’re asking.

Let me introduce you to  him right here.


Yarny may be just made of red yarn and as he walks and unravels on his journeys, he needs yarn to keep going but the world in little Yarny’s world are the minute things we don’t see. The beauty hidden in the natural world that gets forgotten or overseen in our daily lives. ¬†He remembers and seeks memories that we’ve forgotten and he will go through any danger, proving that with a little bit of will even he can overcome those challenges.

Aren’t you the lucky ones? We’re heading straight into the world. ¬†Tread carefully and discover more about the world that is about as high as our ankles. In this world, nature is your best friend and your worst enemy so be careful. ¬†What’s a little adventure without some danger, right?


As a little yarn person, you can use your yarn and fly like a kite:


You can roll up some snowballs to help you out in the winter…


And you can even explore the underground through the cracks and crevices in the rocks and grass…


Really, what this trip into Yarny’s world is to show how beautiful and precious everything is. You will see the world in another light. ¬†Enjoy the beauty of this world and be careful of the small and big creatures that lurk in your surroundings. Some will be docile and others hazardous.


Yarny’s World has a lot to see and find. ¬†This week, our journey is to discover up close the flowers and rivers and creatures that we’ve only seen from a distance. ¬†Feel the wind and the seasons as they change. ¬†You might realize that when this week is up, you really want to stay there.

As always, stay safe and have fun! ūüôā

Out of this World Travels: Zootopia

Hey crew! How is everyone? Do you have your comfy shoes on? How about your nifty backpack with all your necessities? Well, you might also need an overnight bag, if not a luggage. ¬†We’re back on our travels. ¬†I’m sure all of you had a nice few months of stay at home and reality. ¬†Ready to dive out of this world? I know I am! Its been long overdue. ¬†Its definitely no one’s fault but my own. ¬†Let’s leave the past in the past, shall we? I’ll make amends, I promise!

We’re headed to colorful and adventurous fresh on the map location, Zootopia!

Zootopa Metropolis

Zootopia is a beautiful world filled with a lot of diversity. ¬†The metropolis is the heart of the city and the first thing you’ll realize is that its the home of a diverse group of anthropomorphic animals from all sizes. ¬†Its a world where animals, both predator and prey can live in harmony. Try to watch what you say though. ¬†What you think is acceptable for us back home might be an insult to these characters. ¬†You can grab a Pawpsicle or drop by the City Hall and visit Mayor Lionhart. ¬†Just like the city has big and small species, you need to make sure to not go stomping into the smaller cities.

During the week, if the urban city gets a little boredom, you can always head out to one of these outer districts.


You can take a scenic cable car ride in the Rainforest district. ¬†If you take their train, you’ll notice it on the way over. ¬† Its lush green trees should be a part of a great hike. ¬†You might want to bring a poncho or umbrella.

If you don’t like rainy locations, maybe you want to put on your coat and head over to Tundratown.


You can try out some seafood here. ¬†Just make sure to not mess around with Mr. Big and his crew of polar bears. ¬†You don’t want to get in their way.

If you have some time, I highly recommend visiting a show by the beautiful pop star and symbol of Zootopia, Gazelle.  She puts on big shows with lots of dancing and singing.


Last tip: if you ever get lost or need help, the friendly and efficient Zootopia Police Department has your back, their one who greets you (and a radio dispatcher) is the ever so cheerful (and maybe a little sugar rushed) fellow cheetah, Clawhauser.


You can always drop by and bring him some donuts and talk to him about Gazelle.  His two favorite things. Of course, if you get to meet the competent and first ever bunny cop, Judy Hopps and her sly partner, Nick Wilde.  They should all be able to help you out and direct you back to where you need to be with no problem.

Now, head out, tread carefully, forget those mammal discriminations but most importantly, have fun! ūüôā


We’re heading off to our next location in a week! See you! Happy discoveries!

An Official Welcome to Avenue of Daydreams!


  1. to the revamped Days Nights and Daydreams
  2. We are now called Avenue of Daydreams officially
  3. If you were checking out a past link, you shouldn’t have a problem being automatically redirected over here.

It took a little more time than anticipated. ¬†That is mostly because I couldn’t decide what to keep and leave as a partnership with my main blog, Tranquil Dreams. There are changes coming up over there as well! However, lets not make the partnership too obvious ūüėČ

Avenue of Daydreams is its own place! We are officially the creative outlet. This is the world of scribbles and words and snapshots!

p.l. travers quote

We’re starting off with 3 posts a week. ¬†That seems pretty simple and doable.

What’s going to happen here? We have 3 segments. Two is just picking up from before and there is one just recently thought up on my part. ¬†As most of my stuff will be themed, feel free to join in with your own twist on it. ¬†Remember to link back to me so that I can check it out! ūüôā

For now, this is what its going to look like:

Monday: Double Shots –> photography segment with two photos
Wednesday: Out of this World Travels –> exploring the creative imaginative worlds strewn across books, ¬†novels and movies
Friday: Fifty¬†–> Fifty words of creative writing (might be a continuation of any of the plots I’ve started).

If you did read my last announcement post before I revamped the site, I’m sorry that The Classic Adventures will stay on the main site. ¬†However, I may start putting some book reviews over here as I narrow my focus. ¬†I haven’t quite figured out how to separate just yet. I’m taking a step out of my comfort zone and diving in to doing this two blogs and sharing a part of me that I’m not sure I’m very masterful at here. ¬†Creativity and writing is not my forte so lets just have fun! ūüôā

We are starting up with this new schedule next week! Remember to drop by and say hi! Tell me what you think of the new look!

Thanks so much for being here! I promise that this is a start of something fun!
There might be tweaks and adding in some more as I get back into a schedule where I can find a balance to do everything!
Trust me when I am saying that I’m thinking up a ton of ideas for what to spice things up here ūüôā

Out of this World Travels: Thneedville

Has Cheesebridge proved to be some cheesy fun?

Are you ready to move to somewhere else, my lovely adventurers?

I’d really love to stay in Cheesebridge but I’m lactose intolerant so it just reminds me of how I can’t eat any more Champfleury and that breaks my heart just a little ūüėČ

However, I’ve arranged for another location. ¬†This time it’ll be more colorful and extremely plastic-y in the most literal way. We are heading to Thneedville.

Thneedville The Lorax

Can you imagine a world made of plastic and bottled air? Plastic blown up trees, flowers, jello-like food, artificial grass?



Rumor has it that all this happened because some a-hole a ton of years ago decided to chop down all the beautiful Truffula trees and then built a factory to make Thneeds and then polluted the whole area. ¬†Unimaginable, right? Greed and ambition together can have some pretty ugly repercussions. ¬†Whoever did this also disappointed The Lorax so much that he lifted himself in to the sky. ¬†You don’t believe it? Well, thats what I heard.


There’s also a rumor that if you want to know the whole story there’s a man, The Onceler, who lives in the outskirts that will tell you if you bring him some specific items.

However, I don’t advise for you to go out there on this journey. ¬†I’m not sure if you’ll get back on time for gathering for the next trip. ¬†Maybe talk to the elders in Thneedville and they will remember the days when nature was living and not cold hard illuminated decorations. ¬†Seeing as we’ll only be breathing air out of a bottle, we might also not stay because of the pollution.

thneedville placesThneedville does have its perks. In just one area to the next, you can experience another season from skiing to the park to a bunch of other activities.  Now, the convenience of all that, year round is rather impressive, right? Right!



Thneedville is full of wonderful individuals who has known different from us.  They are absolutely real despite their rather artificial surroundings.  It will be a new experience for sure!

Explore and enjoy Thneedville! Meanwhile, I will plan our next destination ūüôā

**Find the story from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax or the world here is from the movie The Lorax. ¬†You can even drop by my main blog to check out the review HERE!




Out of This World Travels: Cheesebridge

I promised a few weeks ago that we’d be leaving soon. Although I haven’t quite gathered the original location we were going to travel to, but a month later, I’ve finally got it all settled.


We will be travelling to the lovely town of Cheesebridge. Why? Who doesn’t like cheese, right? Go to the mayor, Lord Portley-Rind and he will definitely give you a tour of his cheese selection. ¬†Maybe he won’t share it with you because you don’t hold a White Hat but still, it will be worth a visit.



Plus, there are these fabulous underground creatures that are trash collectors and only come out at night.  They are harmless despite what the menacing Boxtrolls Exterminators say.  These sneaky little fellows can only be seen if you pay attention.

cheesebridge nights


Maybe if you are lucky, you’ll ever go see their underground lair. ¬†Rumor has it that Winnie, the mayor’s daughter has been and that her friend, Eggs is actually adopted by the Boxtrolls as a child.

cheesebridge underground


Cheesebridge sure is peculiar with its cheese loving mayor and its trash collecting inhabitants under its cobblestone roads. This sounds like a great place to visit, don’t you think?

Have you seen The Boxtrolls?

No worries, I’m charting plans for the next place in a week or two. ¬†In the mean time, have fun exploring Cheesebridge and all its wonders.


Out of This World Travels: San Fransokyo

We’re ready to leave Central City. ¬†Have you seen The Flash burst past you and witnessed his superb fast abilities saving lives? Some funky things happening in CC, right? Still, our next stop is waiting for us.

We’re heading to the enchanting futuristic city of San Fransokyo. It has the leading technology school with some of the brightest talents.

In San Fransokyo, other than visiting the lovely technology school. You can also see the beautiful bridge.


And observe the lovely technology in the sky or maybe you’d like to take a tram ride.


Maybe even take a walk along the roads lined with cherry blossom trees.



A crossover of both San Francisco and Tokyo. Its influenced by the city scape of San Francisco and an Japanese cultural elements/features to its architecture.  Its quite a beauty to be a part of.

Word has it that there is a sighting of a group of unknown heros showing up to protect the city from danger. ¬†Maybe you’ll spot them there?

**Behold the lovely setting for the newest Disney animation, San Fransokyo. ¬†I totally love the idea of this city and its just absolutely one of the best movies I have seen recently. ¬†Definitely one of my favorite Disney movies ūüôā

Have you seen Big Hero 6? Are you a Disney fan? Which is your favorite animation?

Out of this World Travels: Central City

We’ve been in Mystic Falls for a while. ¬†Seeing as its been completely magic free these days, you should all be safe and sound and ready to board for the next destination. And if you don’t know why its magic-free now, well, you need to catch up with The Vampire Diaries, which I’ve been the best at keeping up with among the 3 series I’m following closely.¬†

Next destination is Central City. Central City isn’t exactly the safest place and booming as much as it has been since the Star Labs accident. ¬†On the other hand, rumor has it, there is a red blur helping the needy out.

central city the flash

Central City looks like a normal city but anywhere with an unknown being going around helping out, just like a superhero is worthy of a visit.  Who knows? Maybe you will walk right past and not even know that this person has been doing a great deed to the world.

Central City

Not to mention, look at that night view. ¬†Isn’t it just beautiful? Looks so technologically advanced, right?

We, in this world (and not Central City), know that the red blur is a meta human called The Flash. ¬†Its going to be an exciting trip, my friends! I’m not sure when we’ll be leaving but don’t you want to experience a few other meta humans abilities that could happen in Central City before moving to another¬†¬†(as dangerous as that sounds). ¬†We’re all an adventurous bunch so after fantasy characters, we’re going to explore superheroes.

the flash

I’m really excited! Are you?

Welcome to the second ¬†TV series that I’ve been following closely. ¬†So far I haven’t fallen behind just yet. ¬†Have you seen the new CW series, The Flash? What do you think of Grant Gustin as The Flash?¬†

Out of this World Travels: Mystic Falls

We’ve been stuck in the Glades forever or at least what feels like forever. ¬†I hope you didn’t have any run-ins with the Grievers. ¬†Hopefully if you did, you ran really quick to escape. ¬†I’m sure the boys were great help as well. ¬†They finally got their monthly supplies and with their generosity, we managed to fix our travelling pod/plane (whatever you’d like to call it). ¬†We’re ready for our next destination. Wave goodbye to the boys and wish them luck in finding their escape.

Our next destination is the more spiritually bonded and busier town of Mystic Falls.

mystic falls

Why is it spiritually bonded? It attracts a lot of hidden supernaturals. ¬†Maybe you’ll brush past one and not even know about it. ¬†But be also very careful, because there may be some shady characters as well. ¬†Here in this town, you may be walking with vampires, werewolves, doppelgangers, hybrids for the most part. ¬†Mystic Falls holds secrets so you may never know about it. ¬†It might just seem like a normal town…

vampire diaries

Whether you do get the chance to experience the quiet times there or encounter something more exciting, you can go grab a bite at the famous Mystic Grill.

mystic falls

At the same time, check out the beautiful clock tower right next to it. Or maybe you want to see some history by stepping into the very classic Mystic Falls cemetery where its surrounded by forests.

vampire diaries

I don’t know how long we’ll be staying here but I’ve charted our next few locations so it may only be for a week. ¬†Make sure to stay safe so that we can all leave for our next adventure! ūüôā

Side note:¬†I’ve been binge watching Season 5 of Vampire Diaries to get ready for Season 6. ¬†I still have about 8 episodes to go. ¬†Although the beginning was a bit slowish and less engaging than usual, it did pick up and after the last few episodes, I’m completely hooked yet again. ¬†The story is actually building more and its less about the love triangles (although that never quite fades away) but rather the characters and the world of crazy that has developed. ¬†

Vampire Diaries
Season 6 poster

Have you seen Vampire Diaries? What do you think of this fictional town and its story?

This post is based on the Mystic Falls portrayed in the TV series however, if you have read the books. Do you think the book’s world or the series’s world is better?