Out of This World Travels: Yarny’s World

Hi Travellers! Did you have a nice week in Zootopia? I’m sure its great to know that you now have some furry friends.

We’re heading off on a little trip.  I like to call it my version of the “Magic School Bus”.  Oh, is that too aged for you to understand? Its okay, all you need to know is magic.  I’m going to shrink you down so that we can visit Yarny’s World.  Or maybe, we can just call it The World through Yarny’s eyes. And who is Yarny you’re asking.

Let me introduce you to  him right here.


Yarny may be just made of red yarn and as he walks and unravels on his journeys, he needs yarn to keep going but the world in little Yarny’s world are the minute things we don’t see. The beauty hidden in the natural world that gets forgotten or overseen in our daily lives.  He remembers and seeks memories that we’ve forgotten and he will go through any danger, proving that with a little bit of will even he can overcome those challenges.

Aren’t you the lucky ones? We’re heading straight into the world.  Tread carefully and discover more about the world that is about as high as our ankles. In this world, nature is your best friend and your worst enemy so be careful.  What’s a little adventure without some danger, right?


As a little yarn person, you can use your yarn and fly like a kite:


You can roll up some snowballs to help you out in the winter…


And you can even explore the underground through the cracks and crevices in the rocks and grass…


Really, what this trip into Yarny’s world is to show how beautiful and precious everything is. You will see the world in another light.  Enjoy the beauty of this world and be careful of the small and big creatures that lurk in your surroundings. Some will be docile and others hazardous.


Yarny’s World has a lot to see and find.  This week, our journey is to discover up close the flowers and rivers and creatures that we’ve only seen from a distance.  Feel the wind and the seasons as they change.  You might realize that when this week is up, you really want to stay there.

As always, stay safe and have fun! 🙂


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