Zootopa Metropolis

Out of this World Travels: Zootopia

Hey crew! How is everyone? Do you have your comfy shoes on? How about your nifty backpack with all your necessities? Well, you might also need an overnight bag, if not a luggage.  We’re back on our travels.  I’m sure all of you had a nice few months of stay at home and reality.  Ready to dive out of this world? I know I am! Its been long overdue.  Its definitely no one’s fault but my own.  Let’s leave the past in the past, shall we? I’ll make amends, I promise!

We’re headed to colorful and adventurous fresh on the map location, Zootopia!

Zootopa Metropolis

Zootopia is a beautiful world filled with a lot of diversity.  The metropolis is the heart of the city and the first thing you’ll realize is that its the home of a diverse group of anthropomorphic animals from all sizes.  Its a world where animals, both predator and prey can live in harmony. Try to watch what you say though.  What you think is acceptable for us back home might be an insult to these characters.  You can grab a Pawpsicle or drop by the City Hall and visit Mayor Lionhart.  Just like the city has big and small species, you need to make sure to not go stomping into the smaller cities.

During the week, if the urban city gets a little boredom, you can always head out to one of these outer districts.


You can take a scenic cable car ride in the Rainforest district.  If you take their train, you’ll notice it on the way over.   Its lush green trees should be a part of a great hike.  You might want to bring a poncho or umbrella.

If you don’t like rainy locations, maybe you want to put on your coat and head over to Tundratown.


You can try out some seafood here.  Just make sure to not mess around with Mr. Big and his crew of polar bears.  You don’t want to get in their way.

If you have some time, I highly recommend visiting a show by the beautiful pop star and symbol of Zootopia, Gazelle.  She puts on big shows with lots of dancing and singing.


Last tip: if you ever get lost or need help, the friendly and efficient Zootopia Police Department has your back, their one who greets you (and a radio dispatcher) is the ever so cheerful (and maybe a little sugar rushed) fellow cheetah, Clawhauser.


You can always drop by and bring him some donuts and talk to him about Gazelle.  His two favorite things. Of course, if you get to meet the competent and first ever bunny cop, Judy Hopps and her sly partner, Nick Wilde.  They should all be able to help you out and direct you back to where you need to be with no problem.

Now, head out, tread carefully, forget those mammal discriminations but most importantly, have fun! 🙂


We’re heading off to our next location in a week! See you! Happy discoveries!


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