Thneedville The Lorax

Out of this World Travels: Thneedville

Has Cheesebridge proved to be some cheesy fun?

Are you ready to move to somewhere else, my lovely adventurers?

I’d really love to stay in Cheesebridge but I’m lactose intolerant so it just reminds me of how I can’t eat any more Champfleury and that breaks my heart just a little ūüėČ

However, I’ve arranged for another location. ¬†This time it’ll be more colorful and extremely plastic-y in the most literal way. We are heading to Thneedville.

Thneedville The Lorax

Can you imagine a world made of plastic and bottled air? Plastic blown up trees, flowers, jello-like food, artificial grass?



Rumor has it that all this happened because some a-hole a ton of years ago decided to chop down all the beautiful Truffula trees and then built a factory to make Thneeds and then polluted the whole area. ¬†Unimaginable, right? Greed and ambition together can have some pretty ugly repercussions. ¬†Whoever did this also disappointed The Lorax so much that he lifted himself in to the sky. ¬†You don’t believe it? Well, thats what I heard.


There’s also a rumor that if you want to know the whole story there’s a man, The Onceler, who lives in the outskirts that will tell you if you bring him some specific items.

However, I don’t advise for you to go out there on this journey. ¬†I’m not sure if you’ll get back on time for gathering for the next trip. ¬†Maybe talk to the elders in Thneedville and they will remember the days when nature was living and not cold hard illuminated decorations. ¬†Seeing as we’ll only be breathing air out of a bottle, we might also not stay because of the pollution.

thneedville placesThneedville does have its perks. In just one area to the next, you can experience another season from skiing to the park to a bunch of other activities.  Now, the convenience of all that, year round is rather impressive, right? Right!



Thneedville is full of wonderful individuals who has known different from us.  They are absolutely real despite their rather artificial surroundings.  It will be a new experience for sure!

Explore and enjoy Thneedville! Meanwhile, I will plan our next destination ūüôā

**Find the story from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax or the world here is from the movie The Lorax. ¬†You can even drop by my main blog to check out the review HERE!





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