Out of this World Travels: Mystic Falls

We’ve been stuck in the Glades forever or at least what feels like forever.  I hope you didn’t have any run-ins with the Grievers.  Hopefully if you did, you ran really quick to escape.  I’m sure the boys were great help as well.  They finally got their monthly supplies and with their generosity, we managed to fix our travelling pod/plane (whatever you’d like to call it).  We’re ready for our next destination. Wave goodbye to the boys and wish them luck in finding their escape.

Our next destination is the more spiritually bonded and busier town of Mystic Falls.

mystic falls

Why is it spiritually bonded? It attracts a lot of hidden supernaturals.  Maybe you’ll brush past one and not even know about it.  But be also very careful, because there may be some shady characters as well.  Here in this town, you may be walking with vampires, werewolves, doppelgangers, hybrids for the most part.  Mystic Falls holds secrets so you may never know about it.  It might just seem like a normal town…

vampire diaries

Whether you do get the chance to experience the quiet times there or encounter something more exciting, you can go grab a bite at the famous Mystic Grill.

mystic falls

At the same time, check out the beautiful clock tower right next to it. Or maybe you want to see some history by stepping into the very classic Mystic Falls cemetery where its surrounded by forests.

vampire diaries

I don’t know how long we’ll be staying here but I’ve charted our next few locations so it may only be for a week.  Make sure to stay safe so that we can all leave for our next adventure! 🙂

Side note: I’ve been binge watching Season 5 of Vampire Diaries to get ready for Season 6.  I still have about 8 episodes to go.  Although the beginning was a bit slowish and less engaging than usual, it did pick up and after the last few episodes, I’m completely hooked yet again.  The story is actually building more and its less about the love triangles (although that never quite fades away) but rather the characters and the world of crazy that has developed.  

Vampire Diaries
Season 6 poster

Have you seen Vampire Diaries? What do you think of this fictional town and its story?

This post is based on the Mystic Falls portrayed in the TV series however, if you have read the books. Do you think the book’s world or the series’s world is better?


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