Out of this World Travels: Ember

Did we have fun seeing the world close up of what is usually simply at our feet on Yarny’s World?

Its time to move on with our travels. We are going to the beautifully and literally electrically lit city of Ember. Thats right! We are heading underground.

City of Ember

Ember is a rare sight. We live with electricity every single day but they truly live on it. The Builders, many many years ago, settled them here to save humanity. No sunlight touches them and its been generations that even know about it. However, The Builders didn’t build this underground city to last forever. Electricity and the devices powered by it rarely do even the rechargeable ones. Ember is unfortunately suffering from shortages more and more frequently.

city of ember

It is my duty to warn you of the dangers however, Ember is a visit that is worth your while. It carries its own mysteries and secrets that maybe you will discover. It has history that is well worth a look and among everything, the way of living is organized and different how we live with everyone at a younger age getting their tasks and responsibilities given to them.

city of ember

If you need help relaying a message, the messengers would gladly do the legwork for you literally. The outskirts is darkness so please try to not go there. Also the underground pumps and generators are off limits and can be dangerous as they try to find a solution for the diminishing power source.

Ember is a city worth discovering. Start out from the time square and enjoy yourselves.

I will see you all again next week on our next adventure 🙂


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