I’m Back and with some Writing!

Its been a long time since I’ve written here! The last post might have been almost 6 months ago. That is crazy!

Have no fear! I’m working on getting some writing here and once I get everything sorted out between my main blog and this writing one, I’ll schedule in time to work on some fifty and also start editing the NaNoWriMo novel which I’m rather proud of idea-wise that I did last November.  Its far from anything that I’d like to share here just yet but with some hard work, I think I can make it work.  I don’t intend on publishing it though.  However, this is for another day. Just know that new content will be on its way.

Meanwhile, I’m doing a little bit of changes in my main blog, Tranquil Dreams and I’m going to be moving some of the earlier and more memorable writing pieces so that I can keep everything together. Its from a few years back when no one was venturing near any of my writing and I didn’t work hard to get people to visit but I quite like the work I had put into it, so I don’t quite want to wipe it into oblivion just yet. To hold us over while things calm down, we’re starting with that.

If you are still around from last year, or you are stopping by for the first time, Happy New Year! All the best in 2016! 🙂

Without further ado, let’s start getting the creative writing pieces moved over here! 🙂


Weekly Writing Challenge: Passive vs Active Voice
My Activity: Paddling in a Dragonboat Race
Object in focus: Paddle


All is silent around us. The paddle rests horizontally on our lap and along the side of the dragonboat.

Slowly the paddle is lifted up into position, its bottom now dipped into the water. Our hands holding its long thin body and its handle on the top. The paddle plants itself vertically close along the side of the boat, submerged partially into the water. The coach reminds the 20 bodies to breathe deep and stay calm. Everyone reminds themselves of the game plan. Everyone reviews every movement they need to go through and remembers to not let their weaknesses overcome their technique. The words “Attention please” ring out and everyone shifts into race mode. Suddenly, the horn blows and the paddle is pushed quick, deep and intensely through the still water. As there are different whooshing sounds of each team’s 20 paddles breaking the water, we know we are off towards the finish line.  The race has begun.

Each paddle follows the other in front and around it in sync. The paddle moves faster with every 5 strokes that follows and pushing deep into the water. It sinks hard and is quickly pulled vertically through the strong water. Its pushed to exit the water rapidly and moved back to repeat the same motion. The paddle repeats this motion for a few more strokes and is kept at pace as the coach yells out transition. The paddle’s movements are now steady and smooth. It pushes deep into the water and reaches out far ahead, pushes quickly to clear the water through in a cycle.

Everyone in the boat is now focused on the paddle in front of them, keeping our intensity. We ignore any pain that is shooting through our bodies, our cores, our arms, our legs. At this point, we hear our next game plan come into motion: Pick-up. As we hear the countdown of 3-2-1, the paddles move even more aggressively through the water with each stroke. For the next strokes, it keeps at that strength and rate, helping to push the boat faster through the water. The boat thrusts forward with ever long and strong stroke. The paddle digs deep into the water hoping to clear as much water as it possibly can.

As we maintain the pace that we had set during pickup, we know what that after a few more strokes, we will be home free. Our bodies are feeling the pain and fatigue wants to wash through us as all our bodies and minds turn to expecting our finish. Everyone knows that if we lose focus now, that this could cost us the hard work. As we hear the word Finish from the coach, the paddles are drive into the water with full intensity. The paddles reach further as our bodies rotate to bring out all the strength our core can give. The paddles enter the water faster and pull quicker with every stroke. Locking out any thought of fatigue and doubt, we kick ourselves into the extra gear. The paddles are pushed more and more rapidly.

“Let it run”! The paddles stop and go back to rest on our laps. It has done its job. Another intense race has finished as cheers are spreading across the water from each of the teams.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

This week’s weekly writing challenge is pretty interesting.  I’ve never heard of writing a fifty before.  Maybe thats because I’m still relatively new and exploring this whole writing thing.  In my mind, its a lot easier to write more words than less, but thats because I tend to ramble.

Now if you don’t know what is a “fifty”, here is what the challenge is all about:

For this week’s challenge, you must write a fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words…A fifty, much like a poem, challenges readers to tie up the loose ends, interpret the blank spaces between the lines, and use their imagination to fill in the gaps. – Weekly Writing Challenge

Let’s see how my fifty looks like, funny enough this scene has been the inspiration of a more extensive story I’ve wanted to write:

The room shifted through a rainbow of colors.  The rhythm of the music: its beats pulsing away. I closed my eyes to capture the moment: the movement disappeared, the melody faded into the background and my mind fell into the surreal. My eyes opened, everything became clear. It was him.

Have you ever written a fifty? What do you think of it? 

Weekly Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

Its not a great way to start my first post by choosing last week’s writing prompt (or on April Fools either) but choosing the first (well, second) day of turning 28 to launch a new blog was the result of at least the past year of reflections. It took a lot of courage to open something that I’m not quite sure of where its actually heading but I figured, writing this first one will lead me doing more. What better time than now, right?

Last week’s weekly writing challenge was called Writerly Reflections.

In this challenge, tell us how you fell in love with books and writing.-Weekly Writing Challenge

I can’t exactly remember the first book that I ever picked up to read but I remember that one of my best childhood memories was my mom sitting next to me reading me bedtime stories.  As far as my memory goes, I remember somehow miraculously in Grade 8, I was attached to reading.  You wouldn’t find me anywhere without my book.


Travelling into the world of imagination that authors create is like finding a security blanket filled with adventure.  You can travel and explore and create all these wonderful things.  Anything can happen and your mind takes control of it.  Be it alongside Charlie and Mr. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or being convinced to eat Green Eggs and Ham or even watching Emily of New Moon grow into a woman, maybe even follow Harry Potter in his quest against Voldemort.  The most beautiful worlds have been put in front of us and just from some person’s imagination and the power of their writing.

My exposure to writing started with the launch of my other blog and the discovery of NaNoWriMo back in 2011.  Writing posts or putting together a story relieves me from stress.   Its my go-to place to escape from the craziness that goes on in life.  It reminds me of the safe haven that I can find out.  I never wrote in hopes of getting published.  I can tell you that with an affirmative no.  I haven’t ever even showed any of my stories to my boyfriend or my friends.  It was just a little creative outlet that I wanted to do and to challenge myself.  Maybe one day, when I think the story is the way I want it, I will reveal it to my loved ones.  For now, they are just for my eyes only.

right now

Except that isn’t completely true because this little while of thinking of putting this little space together is for that purpose.  I dream all the time and sometimes, I wake up and there are these stories that make no sense but I want to weave them into a story but last year when I waited for NaNoWriMo to come around, my beautiful story turned into a mush of nothing that seemed like what I wanted because I just couldn’t remember it anymore.

keep believing

If you’ve made it this far, I welcome you to Day, Nights and Daydreams and to come join me in my journey of exploring my creative side; to keep believing in the beauty of our dreams and chasing them.  Maybe one day, I’ll weave a magical world beyond my own expectations.

Lets live, learn and explore together through books and writing! 🙂