An Official Welcome to Avenue of Daydreams!


  1. to the revamped Days Nights and Daydreams
  2. We are now called Avenue of Daydreams officially
  3. If you were checking out a past link, you shouldn’t have a problem being automatically redirected over here.

It took a little more time than anticipated.  That is mostly because I couldn’t decide what to keep and leave as a partnership with my main blog, Tranquil Dreams. There are changes coming up over there as well! However, lets not make the partnership too obvious 😉

Avenue of Daydreams is its own place! We are officially the creative outlet. This is the world of scribbles and words and snapshots!

p.l. travers quote

We’re starting off with 3 posts a week.  That seems pretty simple and doable.

What’s going to happen here? We have 3 segments. Two is just picking up from before and there is one just recently thought up on my part.  As most of my stuff will be themed, feel free to join in with your own twist on it.  Remember to link back to me so that I can check it out! 🙂

For now, this is what its going to look like:

Monday: Double Shots –> photography segment with two photos
Wednesday: Out of this World Travels –> exploring the creative imaginative worlds strewn across books,  novels and movies
Friday: Fifty –> Fifty words of creative writing (might be a continuation of any of the plots I’ve started).

If you did read my last announcement post before I revamped the site, I’m sorry that The Classic Adventures will stay on the main site.  However, I may start putting some book reviews over here as I narrow my focus.  I haven’t quite figured out how to separate just yet. I’m taking a step out of my comfort zone and diving in to doing this two blogs and sharing a part of me that I’m not sure I’m very masterful at here.  Creativity and writing is not my forte so lets just have fun! 🙂

We are starting up with this new schedule next week! Remember to drop by and say hi! Tell me what you think of the new look!

Thanks so much for being here! I promise that this is a start of something fun!
There might be tweaks and adding in some more as I get back into a schedule where I can find a balance to do everything!
Trust me when I am saying that I’m thinking up a ton of ideas for what to spice things up here 🙂


10 thoughts on “An Official Welcome to Avenue of Daydreams!

  1. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:

    I’ve never openly pushed my other blog over here but I’m rather proud of setting up a second blog that has a more creative focus than the one here that’s hopefully building into something more of a reviews and lifestyle sort of blog. Changes are in the midst here (as I’ve mentioned a few times before) but if creative writing and photography is something you like, head on over and check out what I’m up to. There are some posts from before this official revamp but its something I wanted to do to change a clunky name like Days Nights and Daydreams but also to give a broader aspect to it than just creative writing which was getting a little heavy.

    Thanks and hope you are all having a fabulous Saturday! 🙂

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