Out of this World Travels: Central City

We’ve been in Mystic Falls for a while.  Seeing as its been completely magic free these days, you should all be safe and sound and ready to board for the next destination. And if you don’t know why its magic-free now, well, you need to catch up with The Vampire Diaries, which I’ve been the best at keeping up with among the 3 series I’m following closely. 

Next destination is Central City. Central City isn’t exactly the safest place and booming as much as it has been since the Star Labs accident.  On the other hand, rumor has it, there is a red blur helping the needy out.

central city the flash

Central City looks like a normal city but anywhere with an unknown being going around helping out, just like a superhero is worthy of a visit.  Who knows? Maybe you will walk right past and not even know that this person has been doing a great deed to the world.

Central City

Not to mention, look at that night view.  Isn’t it just beautiful? Looks so technologically advanced, right?

We, in this world (and not Central City), know that the red blur is a meta human called The Flash.  Its going to be an exciting trip, my friends! I’m not sure when we’ll be leaving but don’t you want to experience a few other meta humans abilities that could happen in Central City before moving to another  (as dangerous as that sounds).  We’re all an adventurous bunch so after fantasy characters, we’re going to explore superheroes.

the flash

I’m really excited! Are you?

Welcome to the second  TV series that I’ve been following closely.  So far I haven’t fallen behind just yet.  Have you seen the new CW series, The Flash? What do you think of Grant Gustin as The Flash? 


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