Happy 2018!

Happy New Year and wishing all of you a fantastic 2018!

I took a week off to catch up with everything and breathe a little from the holiday craze. Its still an uphill climb to take more pictures but with the winter wonderland that has landed in Montreal of late, I’ll be heading out to get some photography done.

I’m hoping for this year to go back and expand from the photography roots and go back to other creative avenues like fifties or something. We’ll see how inspired it’ll be. I know that I’m not very wordy around here and its all about the photography this past year however, this is my refuge and sometimes I’ve had some judge-y comments (from the Facebook shares) that I’ve not really wanted to deal with anymore last year and hence the fallback to giving this space a quieter presence (quite the opposite from the very wordy main blog Tranquil Dreams). However, you lovely WordPress visitors are absolutely fantastic.

One of my big goals this year is to try and edit a NaNoWriMo draft and if I’m happy with it, I’ll post snippets of it for fun. The thought kind of terrifies me but I think if I’m confident enough to post it, it’ll at least be readable..hopefully.

Thanks again for joining me on this creative journey!