Discover Challenge: Blogging Our Senses

If you don’t know, WordPress community/The Daily Post has launched a new weekly challenge called Discover Challenge.

This week, we’re blogging our senses.

For this inaugural Discover Challenge, find inspiration in an interview with medieval book historian Erik Kwakkel and publish a post that piques one of the five senses.-The Daily Post

While I’m working really hard right now to blog about the sensations of being whatever situation in my Fifty, I still believe the best way to blog our senses is in pictures.  Its one of the reasons why I like close-up shots or using rule of thirds in farther captures. It captures details and textures and motion respectively extremely well when done right. Lighting can define the mood you want the viewer to see and even the blur factor comes into play.  That is what makes photography such an intriguing hobby for me. Being able to capture the moment as natural as it can be, not enhanced by filters or flash, replicating what I see and feel when I took that picture.



Pulled Pork Sandwich

Onion Rings