Out of This World Travels: San Fransokyo

We’re ready to leave Central City.  Have you seen The Flash burst past you and witnessed his superb fast abilities saving lives? Some funky things happening in CC, right? Still, our next stop is waiting for us.

We’re heading to the enchanting futuristic city of San Fransokyo. It has the leading technology school with some of the brightest talents.

In San Fransokyo, other than visiting the lovely technology school. You can also see the beautiful bridge.


And observe the lovely technology in the sky or maybe you’d like to take a tram ride.


Maybe even take a walk along the roads lined with cherry blossom trees.



A crossover of both San Francisco and Tokyo. Its influenced by the city scape of San Francisco and an Japanese cultural elements/features to its architecture.  Its quite a beauty to be a part of.

Word has it that there is a sighting of a group of unknown heros showing up to protect the city from danger.  Maybe you’ll spot them there?

**Behold the lovely setting for the newest Disney animation, San Fransokyo.  I totally love the idea of this city and its just absolutely one of the best movies I have seen recently.  Definitely one of my favorite Disney movies 🙂

Have you seen Big Hero 6? Are you a Disney fan? Which is your favorite animation?


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