Day 56/365

Week 4 of the hydroponic system and its definitely looking good. The basil finally decided to make an appearance. The left side is growing rapidly with the coriander and dill doing fantastic and little sage in the middle is doing good but probably needs to be put in another slot to have space to grow for the light to reach. Still no sign of the spinach or oregano and its been 2 weeks so will look into what else to grow. Maybe try another variety of basil and give chamomile a second go.

Day 49/365

Week 3 of hydropronic system! Things are definitely growing. After replacing the seeds for basil, oregano and what used to be chamomile and is now spinach, no sign of any germination yet. Everything is growing well except mustard looks like its starting to die with lemon balm pretty stagnant. Luckily, lemon balm was never my goal since I had an overgrowth of that in the garden already. We will keep trying basil until it works.

Day 35/365

Its been a week since we started up the hydroponic system so here’s an update on whats happening. Most of the seeds are germinating with Mustard taking only 2 days being the quickest and now Dill is looking pretty good as well. Cilantro will probably be the next to pop up. The middle row is having the hardest time. Oregano and Chamomile were really old seeds so it makes sense that it didn’t germinate but not sure why parsley isn’t happening either. I will be doing weekly updates for my record and maybe for anyone interested in how effective it is.

Day 28/365

After some research and consideration, we decided to get a hydroponic system so we can grow a herb garden at home year-round. After all the assembly, seed soaking and putting them in the basket pods, it was ready to go. Hopefully it delivers as a whole since even if herbs don’t work out, we can still do veggies, fruits or flowers. On a photography level, the lights with the red, blue and white definitely looks like something I can play with for some fun pictures.