Day 56/365

Week 4 of the hydroponic system and its definitely looking good. The basil finally decided to make an appearance. The left side is growing rapidly with the coriander and dill doing fantastic and little sage in the middle is doing good but probably needs to be put in another slot to have space to grow for the light to reach. Still no sign of the spinach or oregano and its been 2 weeks so will look into what else to grow. Maybe try another variety of basil and give chamomile a second go.

Boxwood Basil!

Next few days of photos will be from my garden! We had a massive thunderstorm on Sunday so everything grew quite a bit. I took a walk around on Monday to take some nice shots and everything was blooming. And those that weren’t just looked lush and green! I’m testing out some new basil varieties this year so this one is Boxwood Basil! Now sure what to use it for just yet but my guess is maybe pesto.

Boxwood Basil
Boxwood Basil

(Taken with Canon EOS 700D)

How do you use basil?