In one of the many ways to prevent rabbits, we actually did some research on what plants to plant around the vegetable garden that will stop rabbits from going into it. One of them was Echinacea. I mean, rhubarb is also one but so far doesn’t seem to be enough. Shallots also work among the many many choices. So I did everything. My friend got me a new echinacea on the same day that I got one also so now, we have rhubarb, shallots (from my mom’s garden), and two echinacea’s to block the entrance around the vegetable garden along with the reinforced fencing around it. Crazy stuff! I’ve always wanted Echinacea or what we call coneflowers. They are so pretty! Its hard to miss because I suddenly went from having none to having THREE this year! šŸ™‚


(Taken with Canon EOS 700D)


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