Double Shots: Far and Close

This week’s Double Shots is Far and Close. This is pretty much one place that I’m featuring in a little suburban city around Montreal.  We went with some friends to take a walk around this park before grabbing some dessert.  Its a nice area with a park and bridge and lake.  From afar, its lit up with the backdrop of the housing/condominium developments in the area.  On the other side, which is behind where I took the picture is a restaurant area which I want to go check out for my main blog eventually.



Its when I realized that every time I stop by, the perspective of taking the big picture far away and up close always has a different feeling.  Maybe its an enlightening life lesson that I’m reminded of: our point of view makes us see and feel something different depending on how we choose.

I frequently forget that, even when I shouldn’t.

What are your far and close shots?

It could be a different point of view or maybe just a close-up of something and big picture of something else.

Join in and have fun! 🙂


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