Announcement: Site Revamp Happening Now!

After some thought, I’ll be revamping the site a little.  I’m working on making the blog a little broader in topics. Hence, the change in the blog title. When it is all done, I will be changing the site address.  There shouldn’t be a hassle.

change is good

The reasons for this is partially to pair up with some upcoming changes over at my main blog.  The site revamp shouldn’t cause any specific differences however, having just creative pieces here feels a little too heavy for me.  The moving of some past creative pieces over here will keep happening once or twice a week.  I will get back to doing at least one Fifty during this transformation period.

What to expect when things go back to full swing is The Classics Adventures which used to be on my main site.  With that, book reviews will also be done here.  I’ll be linking up my Goodreads account.  There will be little inspirational photography sessions that I’ll move over here as well.

With that said, its exciting to expand what has been created here.  The focus after the final revamp, hopefully to launch in the beginning of March, will change the site to Avenue of Daydreams where we explore creative writing, books and photography adventures.  Maybe, dabble in some inspirational tidbits.

Its always a challenge to start something up from scratch and this new blog has been struggling to grow because I couldn’t find a balance, hopefully, this change will be the key to bigger and better things! 🙂


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