Fifty:Passion and Desires

Those deep desires broke from hiding.  His words shredded her every control layer after layer.  They had resisted and fought the impulses before.  Whatever this is, its wrong.  They knew it.  This sparked all the good vibes: passion, lust, attraction. It faded everything away. Nothing mattered. Except, it also did…

Its been awhile that I’ve posted something here.  Multiple reasons are there.  One, I’ve been ridiculously busy with my own life and I was setting up to launch a project on my other blog called Baking Through Disney. If that interests you, head on over to take a look. Second, moving is a long and tedious task and that’s what I’m kind of finally done with. Third, all this change has stagnated my brain.  I’m going to continue the Unspoken Conversation (Part 1) and The World’s End (Part 1) series.  I like those too much to give it up.  I’m just taking a break with these two while I figure out how it continues and tapping into my darker side, tackling the world of forbidden desires and struggles/self-control. I don’t know…I thought it would be a cool idea.



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