Fifty: Unspoken Conversation (Part 2)

Was he smiling? A pleased look was all over his face.  Could it be for their “moment”? She shifted uncomfortably, trying to concentrate onto the words in front of her. The feeling overpowering her heart. Her mind wondering what to do next.  Something natural.  Anything. Not weird, stupid or crazy.

I had this really fun idea (at least to me) about working more on this romance-y scenario based on this little “unspoken conversation” chemistry, connection thing going on.  But with each other, its going to be using last time the guy’s perspective (previous post HERE) and this one, her response and in the next one, we’ll go back to him.

My idea here is a moment can lead to a lot of thoughts and maybe it can get somewhere.  Maybe not.  How long can this moment last in words when in reality its really just actually measured in seconds or minutes?

Brainstorming, my friends! Hope you like it!

Thoughts? Comments?


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