Fifty: Empty Space

The stale air.  The still silence. I open my eyes. Darkness surrounds me.  The room I’m in is vast and large.  It feels lonely and void. Without speaking, my breath echoes. My vision adapts.  All I see are nonsensical shapes floating around: slithering on the floor, projecting off the walls. 

Finally! I got a Fifty done! The first one of 2015. That is not a horror story…well, probably one for me because that is how my creative space feels like.  Now, to string those nonsensical shapes, aka words, letters, thoughts, into something better.  At least, I’m inspired for the next Out of the World Travels location. There’s always that!

Staying positive here! So far, 2015 has treated me really well *knock on wood*. I can just feel those creative juices coming up with an awesome idea.  Trust me its there. Its been haunting my dreams for the past week…something along the lines of….wait, wait, I’m keeping that a secret until the next Fifty 😉

Its International Hugging Day apparently so sending you lots of virtual hugs!!! 🙂

Also, I’m working on putting together a prompt box, thanks to WordPress last post with this idea.  I think it will do lots of wonderful things for my creativity.


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