Fifty: Stuck

The jumble of words in my mind, ideas twisting into one.  Not sure whether its refreshed or copied.  How will it look like to put this up? Where do we start? Keep it a mystery or let the character develop? The nightmare of making the wrong decisions haunt me everyday. 

Nanowrimo started last Saturday.  The writing has happened and thats exactly how I feel.  Its my thought process as I’m working out the kinks.  I’m using a new approach this year.  The goal is to keep writing.  If I get stuck at the beginning, I jump to the end.  If I get stuck there and I haven’t figured out how to structure the front, I jump to the middle.  Its working so far.  Right on track with word count.  I’ve passed my 10000 words mark last night with a hundred or two extra. I’m going to give myself a pat in the back right now. Its the first time that its the first week and I’m right on track. Just need to keep this up for 3 more weeks 😉

Part of the decision is deciding whether I should liven up this blog by putting up an excerpt of what I’ve written. Still thinking about that one.


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