Fifty: My Space

The phone vibrates. The computer pings.  The world crushes down with responsibilities and to-do lists.  The work piles up in a tower, filled with decisions and dilemmas. I lower myself to sit on the floor, pull on headphones, press play and drown in the melody. Its my time, my space. 

Sooner or later, most people need their alone time.  Its the time to ignore the world around you and empty your mind of thoughts and responsibilities.  Give everything a break.  How you do it differs for every single person. Alone time is your space to escape and you need to find yourself again, regroup your game plan or just revitalize energy. It can be in silence, with music, nature, whatever works at that moment.  For me, when I need a few moments to myself, I block out the world with music and it brings me back to a place that makes me remember the past: learn, relive and grow.  It helps me remember where I come from and how far I’ve gone.  

What does “me time” mean to you? Is it important to you? How do you get your space and block out the world? 


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