Fifty: The Only Way

“Its time to let go.”  
His grasp loosens. “Why?”
Accusations and despair are the final words that are spoken.  
“There is no other way.”
I watch you go away. Hiding my heart breaking and fighting the urge to pull you back.
One question repeated now. “Was it the only way?”

The first time testing out the whole dialogue territory in fifties.  Its a scene that I was thinking about recently.  Not something that happened to me personally, in case you were wondering.  Maybe its a hypothetical situation I’ve thought about before.  Maybe the idea that some decisions we make feel like there is no other way but we always wonder if there was actually something else.  Was it just a spur of the moment? The overwhelming feeling? The need to tie up loose ends? The fright of not going for the unknown? Or just believing that its time to move on. Until later on, when you think back and wonder.  Are those considered regrets or its really just the sudden spontaneous feeling that will fade away (and usually does).

The world of love and relationships has so much to explore.  The key is how to put them all together.  More scatted thoughts for you 🙂


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