Friday Fifty: Thinking of You

The world moves forward everyday.  It changes as quickly as how summer has gone and autumn has snuck in.  I remember the to-dos, not-dones and the impossible. I take a deep breath and close my eyes.  The world around me fades away. My mind goes to you and I smile.

Its been 2 weeks or so since I’ve written anything here.  I threw together a quick Friday Fifty.  My main blog, Tranquil Dreams, is taking the front seat.  I believe a lot of followers here don’t follow my other blog, however, things are picking up over there a little.  If you are interested, I’m currently doing a poll over there to put together the movie rundown for my annual Halloween movie marathon.  Feel free to go vote in three categories for B-Horror, Psychological Thrillers and Everything Else Horror right HERE!  I would really appreciate it a lot! 🙂

I promise that I’m working on our next travel plans.  I’m just going through an indecisive month as to where to go next between a few locations 😉


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