Fifty: The Past’s Touch

Our eyes meet. My breath pauses.  My heart speeds up.   In a split second, the world around us melts away.  There’s only him and me.  His eyes see right through me. I can feel his hands gently touching every inch of my body. Everything’s changed. But his effect over me? Never!

Describing a feeling in fifty words is such a challenge.  Every single time I jump into one of these, I need to reword, rewrite, substitute, erase to cram that inspired feeling I’m having.  How do you turn intense sensations into so little words and let you, the readers, feel what my heart is feeling? Somehow there has to be something lost in translation….

Romance, passion, sensual feelings are definitely where I’m at right now.  Hopefully all this will string together to be something more meaningful and I’ll move forward with that story thats still left hanging after a prologue 😉


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