Out of this World Travels: The Glades & Maze

Fellow travelers, I have a very serious announcement to make.

I am full of grief as I report that we’ve landed accidentally in The Glades. The plane needs a little bit of maintenance and I hope that the boys at the Glades will be able to improvise something to help us get this through the tough time.

Wait, I see a arm waving in the distance. Yes? Oh, you’re asking me what is this Glades area?

The Maze Runner
The Glades

Right, we’re actually in a closed space. These boys and a girl have been trapped here for the last 2 years and they are waiting for the place to open up.  They are enclosed in this are where they call The Glades.  It is where it holds their living quarters and their means to survive. The supplies arrive for them, sometimes not all that they ask for, during the month and they get a new addition every month at the same time.

the maze runner

Try to not bother the boys because they each have their jobs.  The most important is the Runners who go out into the maze at dawn when the big stone walls open to figure out how to get out.

the maze runner

They can’t remember anything about their past but they gave a precaution to stay in so that you will not be attacked by mysterious creatures outside. Good news is that usually they are nocturnal beasts so if things proceed as usual, you should be safe.

I’m trying to get us out of here as soon as possible.  I just hope the improvisation will get us out soon! Try to not let these boys affect you too much.  Its tough to stay happy here but them included, we all try to just live day by day. It’ll make you enjoy your life so much more!

**I recently finished The Maze Runner by James Dashner.  It has a very unique premise for yet another teenage dystopian world. Still, who doesn’t like to read about dystopia? It is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated movies in 2014 and its due to be released in Montreal on September 19, 2014.


One thought on “Out of this World Travels: The Glades & Maze

  1. […] Last night, I finally made my way to the theatres again.  This time its with my girl friends.  We gathered to go see The Maze Runner.  3 of us (myself included) are avid readers so we’ve heard or read the book.  I actually reviewed it right HERE if you’d like to check it out. I actually liked it so much that I went to look for the trailer and was pretty intrigued by it so I went off and did a post in my other blog, Days Nights and Daydreams for my Out of This World Travels (which unfortunately hasn’t had a new location yet) but that post is right HERE! […]


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