Out of this World Travels: Berk

Fellow adventurers, have you found your way back to your sweet bed at home yet from Europa?

I know I was supposed to move us to a warmer location but I was unsuccessful because I was trapped in extreme heat far away. Now that I’m back, I’ve decided to ask for you to come travel with me again.

This time, we’re going to a more moderate weather place.  Its a little Viking village in the middle of an unknown sea/ocean…lets say, body of water if you’d like to be more general.

Viking, island, a cute little village…Lets head over to Berk! 🙂

How to Train Your Dragon

It has summery times where its full of lush green grass on top of the jagged rocks.  The village looks a lot bigger than it seems here.  It might be a bit cluttered with all the big men roaming on it with their horned helmets but the Chief makes sure everyone is taken care of and cozy.

How to train your dragon

We are landing here in summer times but even if it were in winter, its a great location with its special events and lightly snow covered land.  You’ll have fur coats to wear and build a ginormous christmas “tree” out of metal and wood (or whatever material they use there).

Most of all, you’ll be now happy with possibly a pet dragon, if you so wish and they are available 🙂

How to train your dragon 2

You can either watch the dragon races or if you’re really talents, battle it out with other racers for fun.  At least you get bragging rights 😉 Or maybe you want to have a dragon ride adventure.

how to train your dragon

Maybe not so intense…

Plus, you’ll get to meet the world-famous and very much unique Night Fury,the adorable and protective Toothless.

How to train a dragon 2

and should I mention, playful?

how to train a dragon 2

I told you that when I have our plans set, they would be grand! It’s a bit late BUT it was worth it, no?

I know Europa was too long but lets have some fun at Berk! I know the dragons will give you a warm welcome and although the Vikings might be a bit bizarre, they are all kind-hearted people.  The Chief will make of it.

Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon? How does living in Berk sound?

Check out my review of How to Train Your Dragon 2 HERE while you’re here (or if you simply have the time)!


2 thoughts on “Out of this World Travels: Berk

    • Wow! Thanks so much! I’m flattered. The first for this blog 🙂 You are awesome! I’ll be back to check out more of your posts!

      Psst, if you are a cinephile, drop by my other blog, its more of a movie blog than this one 😉 Just a suggestion 🙂


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