Catching up with Writing 101, Day 6: A Character-Building Experience

Writing 101, Day 6: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year? Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study. – The Daily Post

Here’s a question for you: How do you determine when you’ve actually met someone? For me, its when I actually interact with them. One of the most interesting people I’ve met this year has to go to very young and new addition to the family.

Living far away from where most of my relatives are, there’s always a sense of distance.  How do you know where to start? Especially when it is with the younger generation (not that I’m that old), it still poses to have a little issue of warming up slowly with them and getting to understand their world.

Watching the kids grow up, I could see in my nephews the replica of their fathers, who are my cousins.  You can see a part of their personalities radiating from their little actions and reactions. One is the little Wang who is the older nephew from my older cousin and while he can’t sit still, you can tell that deep down he has hidden talent, street smarts and a very sociable and womanizing nature.  Maybe it’ll change as he grows up but there is no doubt that he was passed on my cousin’s charms.  Something that is very personable to the public but yet, somehow there’s some that little Wang has for himself.  Watching him play, take care of his little cousin (in our Chinese traditions, more specifically a brother), and even out of the blue initiating with me, I couldn’t help but allow my heart to melt a little despite not truly appreciating his sometimes very bratty ways.

Turn over the spectrum and we have the littlest in the family now.  Little Wang’s younger brother/cousin, Baby Shek, who is not even two years old but has everyone’s attention. His father, the younger brother of little Wang’s brother, has gone through his ups and downs and as we grew up, we’ve also grown apart.  I’ve only ever met his first high school sweetheart and now after a few relationships in between, I meet the woman who becomes his wife and takes very good care of both him and their little one.

Baby Shek says only little words, mostly addressing family members and stating his desires from going to the bathroom, what he wants to play with and what he wants to eat.  Right off the bat, you can tell he has some amazing linguistic skills.  Maybe one day, he’ll pursue the world of translation? Who knows, right? The sky is after all the limit.  Baby Shek’s personality is a lot more direct and looks like his father.

There’s a lovely vibe when you watch little Wang and Baby Shek interact.  The naivety of not having to know more, the simplicity of being happy, the joy of being young and careless and the memories of watching little mini versions of my cousins is a treat.  They remind us that everyday is in fact a beautiful one and bring little sparkles of happiness and lots of laughter to the household. This is a household that now is shared among four generations.  How amazing is that?

Have you met someone this year that’s intrigued you? 


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