Catching Up to Writing 101, Day 2: A Room With A View (Or Just a View)

Writing 101, Day 2: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now? Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.- The Daily Post

The dry and cracking dirt path which was partially covered by the tall grass surrounding either side stretched out narrowly in front. As the path weaved between trees, branches and twigs, the woods slowly because more bright and green.  Little flowers inhabited it and as I moved forward and lifted my head, I saw the distant high and beautiful waterfall dropping off the side of the mountain.

Trudging through the dirt and climbing over stones, the path approached the foot of the waterfall where there was a wooden bridge to cross over and continue the path.  The water falling straight down rushing downhill quickly caught my attention.  As I followed the water, my gaze caught a beautiful sight looking out over the horizon to see the stretch of rolling green farmland accompanied by the blue sky and distant mountains painting a beautiful palette.

As the path started to become steeper, it become rocky and challenging.  However, after a good struggle, the sound of a familiar rumble, this time closer is the energy boost to quicken the pace.  Stepping out from behind the tree, right by the side of the path, the waterfalls is now right in front.  The quick thundering flow of water swiftly drops from the top.  Spotting a path on the side, I climb to be right next to it.  Stretching out my hands, I could feel the rush of the water run through my fingers.  The mist wet my hair a little.

The rhythm brings a calm oneness with nature all around.  My body relaxes as I watch the water navigate over and around the rocks. The waterfall and its course reminds me that sometimes things will fall into place naturally.  The stress lifts from my shoulders and my heart feels lighter.  Sometimes, the cure for anything is simple and natural.


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