Friday’s Funtastic 100: Uncontrollable Feelings

She gently pushes open the door.  Approaching the host, they exchange welcoming words. She could sense eyes burning into her back. He struggled to focus on the conversation. Her natural beauty and the casual way she swept across the room captured him.  It felt like eternities when it wasn’t.  He longed for her to be in his arms.  A call from the room drew everyone away except them.  Her body turned and their gaze met. Moving closer, he reached over to gently touch her face and brush her hair aside. She inhaled deeply as he gave her an intense kiss.

I’ve been in a romance-y mood these days.  I am trying to draft another better romance this year for fun without the mad dash in November.  There’s a few ideas floating around my head.

So I dished out 100 words instead of my fifty since I skipped last week.

I’m sorry that we’ve been stuck on Europa and hope that if you have encountered any species they are being friendly.  We’ll be departing very soon.  That I promise you! I’ll be seeking out a warmer location 😉


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