Out of This World Travels: Europa

**Sorry for the extended stay at Arendelle! My brain was stuck contemplating building a snowman.  It finally decided winter was long enough this year and we’re ready to move on. I’ll leave the snowman building to a few months later. **

Do you ever look up into the sky and wonder what is out there? Do you ever wonder whether all those planets in the solar system we learn about in school actually are life sustainable? Maybe there’s even have other life forms on those places who require different natural elements to survive?

Our travels this week takes us to one of the moons of Jupiter: icy Europa. Its seems like we’re very much in the cold phase in life.  Maybe its the not so spring-y feeling in the air.  Who knows?

Europa Report

Europa is our typical unknown and I guess that makes it an extreme travel location.  We’re there to explore.  Its vast bodies of water under the fragile icy surface prove that there are possibilities of viable life forms. What would they look like? Is it really possible that we are not the only ones in this universe?

Europa report

My life companion (aka my boyfriend) believes that fact.  I’m more of a neutral ground but I think that possibility is fairly high.  Maybe they walk among us like in some novels and they are far more intelligent than us (or not).  Anything is possible.

Going to Europa, we need to make sure we get some valuable space training, some safety gear to make sure we don’t freeze in the cold and be very careful to not break the ice (maybe some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon martial arts form).  We are there to observe nature and maybe we will find something out of the ordinary.

Are you ready to travel to Europa? See the rings of Jupiter up close? Be so far away in the solar system that we can’t even see our home, Earth?

This travels is based on a recent movie I saw called Europa Report. Check out my review HERE!


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