Out of This World Travels: Arendelle

Its completely a coincidence that this week, I finally had the chance to watch the newest Disney animation, Frozen. It seems fitting that our first out of this world travels is to a fairy tale land.

Frozen is set in Arendelle where Princess Elsa and Anna live.  Its a beautiful little place in this beautiful July weather.  The castle is lovely and its cozy surrounded by mountains and water.



Even after Princess Elsa becomes of age and totally freezes over Arendelle and its surroundings, the gloomy winter still proves to be delicately beautiful.  The natural beauty cannot hide the elegance of this place. Places with royal families may be full of turmoil but things do get better in the end and in this fairy land, it gets pretty magical.

arendelle winter

Plus, even under a possible eternal snow, the little cottages rows and rows full of their Arendelle citizens are lovely.  The harbour shines through and its a lovely place to travel.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it but lets just say, when things settle down, you get the best of the both worlds.  And thats the Arendelle we’ve travelled to.  With Elsa and her magical powers in tow and Anna helping her at her side and Olaf, the actual real and moving and somewhat snowman, this sounds like a great start for our adventures together 🙂

Have you seen Frozen? What appeals to you about Arendelle: the seasons, maybe meeting the princesses, or its the only moving snowman? 


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