Introducing a New Segment: Out of this World Travels!

Welcome to the launch of Out of this World Travels!

You must be asking what this segment is all about, right?

Days, Nights and Daydreams sprouted from my imagination and the desire to share some of my more creative side.  Its taking me a little longer to break out of my shell.  Another reason is to discover the world of imagination and the fictional worlds out there.  I will eventually find a way to incorporate some book genres and reviews in here.  However, this is how this segment came to be in my mind. For some of you that follow me over at my main blog Tranquil Dreams, I’m all about versatility but I’m a huge movie/TV fanatic and a mega book nerd and sometimes bordering in the video games geek in certain ones (even though I’m really bad at it).

reading quote

Out of this World Travels is exactly that.  I’m going to share every Tuesday a new fictional world that I’ve had the opportunity to travel in  whether its in books, movies, TV or video games.

I’m honestly not sure how long I can keep this up but we’ll take it step by step! 🙂

Are you ready to travel with me?

Next Tuesday, we’ll start our travels! It gives me some time to gear up for our future adventures. Sit tight and be prepared for our out of this world travels! 🙂

Feel free to suggest travel locations in the comments or at my email


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