Introducing a New Segment: Friday’s Funtastic Fifty!

Its been kind of quiet over here.  I know, I know, understatement. Keeping up with two blogs is tough especially when this new blog is really focusing on something I have a hard time embracing.  I have not given up yet.  My mind’s been on overtime and I’ve thought up a few things to spice up the experience (and my motivation) here.

After doing my previous post and doing a fifty for the Weekly Writing Challenge, I think its a great way to keep myself inspired by having a weekly segment for it.  I can easily speak or read fifty words, why not write it, right?

After flipping through a crazy amount of adjectives starting with F, I decided that Funtastic was the word for it.  So here we are: the birth of Friday’s Funtastic Fifty! I haven’t really thought about whether there should be a theme for it every week yet.  I have an idea but lets just kickstart this segment.


The only things lighting up the dark are the faint distant lamp posts. I shut my eyes to drink in this feeling of nothingness. Some call it the calm before the storm. When the orange hue slowly lights up the sky, nothing replaces the beauty of a new beautiful day.

Here’s my fifty! Just seems fit to write one up quickly with the theme of Beginnings.

What do you think? Should there be a theme every week?  Feel free to join in if you’d like!


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