Weekly Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

Its not a great way to start my first post by choosing last week’s writing prompt (or on April Fools either) but choosing the first (well, second) day of turning 28 to launch a new blog was the result of at least the past year of reflections. It took a lot of courage to open something that I’m not quite sure of where its actually heading but I figured, writing this first one will lead me doing more. What better time than now, right?

Last week’s weekly writing challenge was called Writerly Reflections.

In this challenge, tell us how you fell in love with books and writing.-Weekly Writing Challenge

I can’t exactly remember the first book that I ever picked up to read but I remember that one of my best childhood memories was my mom sitting next to me reading me bedtime stories.  As far as my memory goes, I remember somehow miraculously in Grade 8, I was attached to reading.  You wouldn’t find me anywhere without my book.


Travelling into the world of imagination that authors create is like finding a security blanket filled with adventure.  You can travel and explore and create all these wonderful things.  Anything can happen and your mind takes control of it.  Be it alongside Charlie and Mr. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or being convinced to eat Green Eggs and Ham or even watching Emily of New Moon grow into a woman, maybe even follow Harry Potter in his quest against Voldemort.  The most beautiful worlds have been put in front of us and just from some person’s imagination and the power of their writing.

My exposure to writing started with the launch of my other blog and the discovery of NaNoWriMo back in 2011.  Writing posts or putting together a story relieves me from stress.   Its my go-to place to escape from the craziness that goes on in life.  It reminds me of the safe haven that I can find out.  I never wrote in hopes of getting published.  I can tell you that with an affirmative no.  I haven’t ever even showed any of my stories to my boyfriend or my friends.  It was just a little creative outlet that I wanted to do and to challenge myself.  Maybe one day, when I think the story is the way I want it, I will reveal it to my loved ones.  For now, they are just for my eyes only.

right now

Except that isn’t completely true because this little while of thinking of putting this little space together is for that purpose.  I dream all the time and sometimes, I wake up and there are these stories that make no sense but I want to weave them into a story but last year when I waited for NaNoWriMo to come around, my beautiful story turned into a mush of nothing that seemed like what I wanted because I just couldn’t remember it anymore.

keep believing

If you’ve made it this far, I welcome you to Day, Nights and Daydreams and to come join me in my journey of exploring my creative side; to keep believing in the beauty of our dreams and chasing them.  Maybe one day, I’ll weave a magical world beyond my own expectations.

Lets live, learn and explore together through books and writing! 🙂


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